About Antares SQL

Behind the scenes

Hello everyone, my name is Fabio and I am a developer living in Italy. I have been working mainly on JavaScript stacks, both frontend and backend for several years.
Programming for me is not only what earns my salary but also a passion of mine, something I love.
It was from this very love that Antares was born.
My vision for the application is a tool that is useful for the purpose, but also handy, simple and accessible to anyone from those taking their first steps to senior figures.
An example that explains what I am referring to is Visual Studio Code, which is immediately easy to use for newcomers but can provide all the necessary tools as needs require, all with a clean UI free of unnecessary "noise".

The goal I have set for myself with Antares is exactly that mentioned above, to create something that is pleasant to use but at the same time also complete and reliable.
I decided to start shaping this idea precisely because there are many SQL clients on the market but they often either make an old, unintuitive and unwelcoming UI or modern but lacking in features.

Another point on which this project is based is open-source for users and not open-source of those, however, then aim to sell services, subscriptions or premium features.
Antares is a project born out of passion and will always be 100% free, with no paid or privacy-unfriendly services.

How to contribute

First of all, a big contribution comes from all those who give of their time to report bugs or give feedback on usage and features they would love to have in Antares.
A huge contribution is also made by those who decide to contribute in development, from implementing a new language to features.

If you would like to express your appreciation for this project you can consider making a donation or planting a tree in the Antares forest through Treedom, a reforestation project, a donation that is good for the whole planet.