Open source SQL client
made to be simple.

Antares is a brand new solution for a complete
database management experience.

Antares SQL

About Antares Project

A new star is born, and is growing fast.

Antares is an SQL client that aims to become an useful and complete tool, especially for developers.
The target is to support as many databases as possible, and all major operating systems, including the ARM versions.
At the moment this application is in development state, many features will come in future updates, and supports only MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL (partially).
Most of its current features are enough to have a pleasant user experience with MySQL/MariaDB, and basic functionalites with PostgreSQL, so give it a chance and send us your feedback, we would really appreciate it.

Simple, but complete

Features in the right places,
not hundreds of tiny buttons or submenu.

Antares SQL development is driven by the idea to create a full featured tool,
fast and with a modern and intuitive UI.
All features are accessible with a few clicks, without having to search for them in dozens of drop-down menus; productivity comes first.

Antares SQL
Antares SQL

Autocomplete or format your queries

Built-in autocomplete and database suggestions
will speed up the writing of your queries.

Thanks to the auto-completion functions and the suggestion of database elements write queries will be a pleasure.
With the formatter function the queries you write will be even more readable.

All data you need

Fill your test tables
with a massive number fake random data.

Antares SQL integrates a table filling function that allows you to generate a large number of fake data to be chosen from different categories, such as names, addresses, dates, texts or financial data.
This feature will help you set up your development environment, saving you valuable time.

Antares SQL

Free and Open Source

No paid content, subscriptions or ads. Antares will be always 100% free and open source.

New Features Comes

This project is currently in development and new features will be released with each update!


All saved connections data, including passwords, are encrypted and the key is kept safe.


No spyware, telemetry or other sort of background activities.
Spontaneous feedbacks are enough.

Supported Databases

Antares SQL is in an alpha phase but it fully supports MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL partially. Support to other databases will come in future releases.


MySQL & MariaDB

Fully supported.



Partial support (work in progress).





SQL Server